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The Best Of The Nest 2022

And so another year has come and gone…. or almost gone anyway.  It’s close enough for government work, and for blog work as well.  I’ve been at this for eleven full calendar years now, and since that very first outing … Continue reading

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The Best Of The Nest 2021

Another year has somehow passed by already, and that means I’m contractually obligated by the rules of this blog to provide another year end review of what all did and didn’t happen on Evil Squirrel’s Nest.  And although The Nest’s … Continue reading


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Weekend Threesome – 10/17/21

Though it was a pretty active week for me, especially with my store’s inventory on Thursday, there isn’t really anything for me to include in one of these posts.  So I’ll use two-thirds of this Sunday’s Threesome to announce a … Continue reading

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Weekend Threesome – 8/1/21

They say good things come in threes, but so do celebrity deaths.  This trio of Weekend Threesome tidbits will probably lie somewhere between the two extremes… Many people probably don’t pay any attention to all of the posts they’ve made … Continue reading

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Weekend Threesome – 5/23/21

It’s funny how ever since I started this feature up, I’ll note to myself whenever the situation warrants that it’s definitely going in this Sunday’s Weekend Threesome.  I found myself thinking that about five times this week, so obviously a … Continue reading

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