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Weekend Threesome – 3/20/22

Here are three more things from The Nest’s week that was that you didn’t need to know about, but will still make you a more cultured human…. So I mentioned in last week’s Threesome that Mecca’s given us all smartphones … Continue reading


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Weekend Threesome – 9/19/21

Here’s three more short bits from The Nest to go with your Sunday morning coffee… handpicked by Evil Squirrel. My 8 year old camera has been showing its age for a while, but when the latch holding the batteries inside … Continue reading

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Silly Camera

Autofocus is one of the greatest inventions in photography… letting the camera quickly do the tedious chore of adjusting the lens to bring the appropriate subject into crystal clear focus.  It’s absolutely necessary when taking photos of the swift and … Continue reading

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#1 – Lightning Strikes

One thing all 199 previous entries in this countdown had in common was that the photos were all taken at some point in the past nine years on one of the two digital cameras I’ve owned.  When I was a … Continue reading

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Fuzz Face

Though the weather is usually dreadful this time of the year, the winter actually has one key advantage when it comes to taking photos of our arboreal friends.  With the trees completely bare, the major visual obstruction to the highways … Continue reading

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