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Trick And Treat

It just wouldn’t be Halloween on The Nest without a brand new, freshly carved Squirrel O’Lantern!  This year, the good pumpkins sold out way faster than expected, and by early last week when I normally buy my pumpkin each year, … Continue reading

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Scratchy Squirrel

The Squirrel O’Lantern has been a Halloween tradition of mine that predates my blog (You can see all nine of my crazy carving designs here), and this year’s presented more challenges than usual.  First off, just the way I procrastinated … Continue reading

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A Graveyard Smash

From no idea what design I was going to carve to glowing for your amazement and amusement in about two hours.  Meet The Nest’s official 2016 Squirrel O’Lantern! As usual, there are some aspects I really love (the raven and … Continue reading

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Since Halloween happened to fall upon a Saturday this year, I figured my Saturday Squirrel feature would be the perfect opportunity to unveil this year’s Squirrel O’Lantern!  I once again upped the ante and challenged myself to carve out a … Continue reading

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Carve ‘Em Up!

Halloween has rolled around again, and here at Nest HQ, that means it’s time to create this year’s squirrel o’lantern!  It’s been an annual tradition that dates back before this blog even came into existence.  The first squirrel o’lantern design … Continue reading

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