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Meet Zeeba And Bearcat

Nothing can quite prepare you for the utter unholiness that is Shelf Critter Theatre on Fridays, but maybe we can help numb your mind a bit to the goings on of one of the internet’s most fucked up imaginary places … Continue reading

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Roll Over

Though I declined Franhunne’s request in my Twenty Questions feature to create a weekly feature of only cat photos… given that my two inside and two outside cats are about the only things that have me reaching for the camera … Continue reading

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Drenched Feline

It rained just about all day long last Wednesday, but the rain wasn’t going to keep The Nest’s regular dining guest away from her usual morning meal.  Here is poor Gypsy, who might weigh all of eight pounds sopping wet, … Continue reading

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Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves

Well, our little princess seems to get along fine with Sewie, if not my own cats.  I wonder if Gypsy would stick as a name… This mostly wordless Picture Day post is brought to you by Friskies, the only cat … Continue reading

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Come On In

You may remember a few weeks ago I spotted a new cat carousing about the neighborhood… and since I have such a big fucking heart, I put some food out for it to eat… which was wolfed down like that … Continue reading

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