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Weekend Threesome – 5/9/21

Ready for some more short blurbs that dribble out of my mouth and miss the bib?  It’s time for another trio of tantalizing tidbits from the past week and beyond on The Nest’s Weekend Threesome!  Grab your partners and let’s … Continue reading

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Ody Update

Ody returned home yesterday evening, after yet again making a remarkable recovery from what proved to be a terrible urinary tract infection.  Thanks to everyone for the good thoughts, and unless you want to read on about what happened to … Continue reading

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Enemy Sighted

While many of you were justifiably overwhelmed with awww by last week’s supercute Saturday Squirrel, before I stopped taking pictures of him, he wound retreating high up into the tree.  When squirrels sense danger, they often bark out a warning … Continue reading

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Fur Real

It’s that time of the week where The Nest goes dumpster diving for another cool image to get all creative over… a little exercise we call Random Image Inspiration!  This week’s edition will be short and sweet, which you’ll no … Continue reading

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Missing Miss Gypsy

I haven’t been running many Picture Day posts on my blog recently, and I guess the reason why is that I haven’t been taking many photos lately.  One of the main reasons for that may be that I’ve been without … Continue reading

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