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Share Your World – Week 103

As someone who was once on track for a career in meteorology, I can tell you that forecasting the weather is a very inexact science that’s underappreciated by a public that will forget a hundred accurate forecasts while they pummel … Continue reading

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Letters To Santa – Day 24

SANTA: Alright, the sleigh’s loaded up with all this useless shit I had to buy at Mecca because my elves can’t figure out the Chinese pictogram instructions to assemble anything!  Let’s get this road on the show!  The faster I … Continue reading

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Letters To Santa – Day 23

SEYMOUR: Checking out the weather report, huh Santa? SANTA: How very observant of you, Seymour.  What if I was looking at something personal and confidential, you nosy fuck? SEYMOUR: Oh no, Santa!  Is it really going to get up to … Continue reading

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Letters To Santa – Day 22

Christm….. errr, THIS morning…. EVIL SQUIRREL: Santa not only insults me by not honoring my request, but he re-gifts his Squirreldeer he already gave to Mr. Fox?  I hope that jolly old sack of shit enjoys his new life on … Continue reading

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Santa’s Sax

We interrupt this week’s Dusty Vinyl Archive to bring you a surprise episode of my original Monday Muzak feature….. good ol’ Mecca Muzak Mondays!  Why are we doing this, other than to mess with your heads?  Because six years after … Continue reading

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