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The Hedge Trimmer

I guess this week’s Saturday Squirrel doesn’t care for all of the weedy overgrowth near the base of my oak tree.  He doesn’t look too happy peering over the jungle at me, and those talons on that paw of his … Continue reading

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Magic Fingers

Squirrels are cute. Close ups of squirrels are even cuter. This close up also gives a pretty good view of those long, sharp fingers that squirrels have which allows them to velcro to trees.  They look a bit creepy when … Continue reading

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I’ll Scratch Your Back…

As an arboreal species that has the amazing ability to climb, run and leap through trees as easily as we might walk on a sidewalk, a squirrel needs some pretty good claws that are good at both clinging to rough … Continue reading

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#46 – Caught In The Act

\ Photo taken: November 5, 2009 Bad kitty!  Bad!  Spilly, you know you’re not supposed to claw up the good furniture!  The furniture I got for free because one of my co-workers gave it away to make room in their … Continue reading

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Scratchy Squirrel

The Squirrel O’Lantern has been a Halloween tradition of mine that predates my blog (You can see all nine of my crazy carving designs here), and this year’s presented more challenges than usual.  First off, just the way I procrastinated … Continue reading

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