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Calendar Squirrel – January

Over the past seven years or so I’ve taken a LOT of pictures of squirrels.  Many more than most people probably have.  And I’ve taken them all year round.  So I decided to try out what I hope will be … Continue reading

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Winter Sucks

It’s been a hell of a winter so far.  Old Man Winter got off to an early start this season, and has kept it cold and extremely active on the precipitation front ever since.  Pretty much every week, there has … Continue reading

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Winter Fluff

A fluffy winter snow squirrel for this week’s Saturday Squirrel… because there isn’t much cuter than fluffy winter snow squirrels. Brrrrrr!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Minus World

So here’s the nadir of this week’s polar vortex, at least for my neck of the woods… which I guess I’m glad is a bit underneath the 40th parallel.  My car thermometer (Which I’m still getting used to after years … Continue reading

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You know it’s cold when even the extra fluffy and furry squirrels are shivering!  Though it’s been pretty steadily cold here since about mid November, we’ve largely been spared the bitter, brutal cold that tends to set in around the … Continue reading

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