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The Good Stuff

Every year when I start up the Contest of Whatever, I always vow to create some new designs for my old, obsolete Cafepress shop so the winners have a wider selection of stuff to choose from.  And every year….. yeah, … Continue reading

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Last Call!

Bartender Fox would like to remind everyone that …………………………………….. Errrrr, well, if he could speak, he’d like to remind everyone that we’re down to the final week of this year’s Contest of Whatever.  The deadline for creating an entry is … Continue reading

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Lowering The Bar

SCRATCHY: …so the crowd at the club wanted me to play some 80’s dance music, and I flipped on this Alyans record I picked up at a rummage sale for chump change last week thinking it was some cool shit.  … Continue reading

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Epic Winning

After four weeks of possum in the headlights looks, and one week of hurried creation that would make the Saturday Night Live writers proud… the Fifth Annual Contest of Whatever has finally come to a conclusion.  Friday we presented the … Continue reading

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Judgment Day

FUZZYWIG: Good morning, all of you beautiful people out there who couldn’t find anything better to do today.  We’re canceling this week’s edition of Shelf Critter Theatre, not because the script doesn’t make any sense….. AGAIN.  But to bring you … Continue reading

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