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Heavy Mental

Hey, it’s Wednesday again!  That means The Nest gets to dig into the tampon box full of fun stuff for our next Random Image Inspiration muse!  Once again, I don’t have anything special from today’s random image, but at least … Continue reading

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Chump Change

After three years of filling cups up with all of my spare change, I finally decided today that enough was enough.  The coins had to go.  And go they went… I’d already consolidated several large soda cups into the one … Continue reading

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The Sixth Annual Contest Of Whatever!

Yes, it is that time of the year again!  Time to break out the thinking caps and dig the crafty shit out of the closet.  Evil Squirrel’s Nest’s 2019 Contest of Whatever begins today!  The CoW has been a February … Continue reading

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Recipe For Disaster

CHIP: Welcome to….. um, a special Wednesday edition of Shelf Critter Theatre.  This episode is in response to Miss Dingleberry’s contest on the Two Spoiled Cats blog where we have to provide the recipe for some really nasty cafeteria food … Continue reading

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Judgment Day

FUZZYWIG: Good morning, all of you beautiful people out there who couldn’t find anything better to do today.  We’re canceling this week’s edition of Shelf Critter Theatre, not because the script doesn’t make any sense….. AGAIN.  But to bring you … Continue reading

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