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The X Judges

FUZZYWIG: It’s time for us to put on our robes and… SNUGGLE: Dude, is this gonna be a toga party? MITZI: OMG!  If Mitzi would have known that, I would have totally worn my Barbie pink toga pants that show … Continue reading

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We’re Judging You

FUZZYWIG: It’s that time again… SNUGGLE: How would you know what time it is?  Your watch stopped at 4:20 years ago! FUZZYWIG: (Taps watch) So it did.  Does anybody really know what time it is?  Does anybody really care? MITZI: … Continue reading

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The Seventh Annual Contest Of Whatever!

Is it February already?  No?  Well, it’s almost February!  And that means it’s time to roll out another one of The Nest’s annual traditions that is all about the two most important things on this blog… It’s all about my … Continue reading

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Come As You Aren’t

CHIP: How did we get rooked into being the judges for this year’s Shelf costume contest? FUZZYWIG: I don’t know, man.  But at least it means I don’t have to dig through the closet for my Tommy Chong outfit I … Continue reading

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Heavy Mental

Hey, it’s Wednesday again!  That means The Nest gets to dig into the tampon box full of fun stuff for our next Random Image Inspiration muse!  Once again, I don’t have anything special from today’s random image, but at least … Continue reading

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