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#47 – Don’t Eat That!

I spent a few Saturday Squirrel posts over the years covering one of the nastier realities of living in the American Midwest, where sweet gum trees were planted in force during the early part of the 20th Century.  Every year, … Continue reading

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#49 – Cheers!

Inspiration, much like perspiration, is all around us… and I have certainly drawn my fair share of inspiration from the squirrels I’ve encountered over the past decade.  I certainly wasn’t expecting to any grand revelations out of this photo I … Continue reading


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#50 – Three For The Road

When I first began photographing the squirrels in my neighborhood ten years ago, the subjects were plentiful.  If the weather was nice, it wasn’t uncommon to see a whole handful of squirrels up and about.  And if the conditions were … Continue reading

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My Favorite Squirrels

It was around this time a decade ago that I combined the sciurine theme of The Nest with my love of taking pictures and launched what has become my most enduring feature, my Saturday Squirrel posts.  For ten years and … Continue reading

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Son Of A…

EVIL SQUIRREL: So Scratchy, are you ready for the big countdown finale celebration? SCRATCHY: You should be more concerned with that sparkly butterfly attacking your neck. ES: This is my super snazzy bowtie! SCRATCHY: If that thing starts spinning, I’m … Continue reading

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