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Calendar Squirrel – Cover

The champagne has popped and Baby New Squirrel has arrived in The Nest’s project where I’m allowing you, the squirrel adoring public, to choose the representatives for each month in our virtual squirrel calendar.  Last week you all voted for … Continue reading

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Yes Can Do

All rise!  This blog is now in session!  I may be getting whisked away to my jury duty sentence today (Edit: Nope, they don’t want me today… but I’m still on call for the rest of the week), but not … Continue reading

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My Kind Of Town

Did you wake up this morning and notice the sun was shining just a bit brighter, the birds were singing just a little merrier, and the coffee tasted just slightly less like Juan Valdez’s donkey?  There can be no doubting … Continue reading

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The Wright Stuff

Welcome to the final Monday of Summer!  Just like the most overrated season of the year, the countdown that has kept you entertained since the days when there was still snow on the ground is also about to mercifully come … Continue reading

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Rods And Cocks

Well, if it isn’t Monday again already!  It’s time to kick off the final month of The Nest’s celebration of eco-friendly music that is the Top 30 Cover Songs of All Time countdown.  For many of you, today is Labor … Continue reading

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