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The Third Annual Contest Of Whatever!

We’re less than 24 hours away from February… and you know what that means! Nonononononooooooo!!!!  Not that… that was just me being a smartass a few weeks ago! It’s time for Evil Squirrel’s Nest’s Contest of Whatever!  It’s the game … Continue reading


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You May Already Be A Winner

I have been quite fortunate in getting some cool stuff during my relatively brief time running this blog.  I have had the beautiful Rainbow Donkey doll bestowed upon my by Jennifer, and the squeefuly cute Sponkies sent to me from … Continue reading

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1,001 Uses For A Stick

Squirrels are very creative and ingenuitive little critters.  They solve difficult practical problems every day that would make the most intelligent man hide behind his PhD.  Their drive and desire to use any means possible to achieve their goals is … Continue reading

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