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Son Of A…

EVIL SQUIRREL: So Scratchy, are you ready for the big countdown finale celebration? SCRATCHY: You should be more concerned with that sparkly butterfly attacking your neck. ES: This is my super snazzy bowtie! SCRATCHY: If that thing starts spinning, I’m … Continue reading

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The Other Piano Man

Are you ready to go dumpster diving into the 100% biodegradable world of digital memories that exists in the vastness of the internet?  Then let’s get started with this Earth Day edition of Random Image Inspiration!  Hopefully the Randomator doesn’t … Continue reading

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Shelf Critter Advent Calendar – Day 6

It’s time to get our perv on take a peek behind the private doors of the world’s most fucked up Christmas toy, the Shelf Critter Advent Calendar!  Like Clark Griswold, today we’re going to be looking for sechs… Well, if … Continue reading

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A Grey Day

Monday is always a very special day here at The Nest…. but it’s even very specialer when it falls on January 21st.  Yes, you know what that means… today is National Squirrel Appreciation Day!!!!!  Look at your calendars, they even … Continue reading

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Sad Songs Say So Much

The Dusty Vinyl Archive is still off limits while undergoing a massive renovation…. hopefully nobody on the construction crew breaks any of the extremely valuable old disco records.  In the meantime, DJ Scratchy’s going back to the roots of Music … Continue reading

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