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Jaw Dropping Excitement

Whatever’s going on off to my right in this photo sure does have this squirrel’s undivided attention.  Maybe I should be checking out that scene rather than taking a picture of his quite excited expression….. Nah!  It’s probably nothing big.  … Continue reading

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#44 – Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Photo taken: October 3, 2014 You’ve probably seen pictures of happy squirrels before… but have you ever seen a squirrel that looks as practically giddy with excitement as this fine specimen?  A lot of the squirrels I take pictures of … Continue reading

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An Honor And A Privilege

For just over two years, I’ve been making squirrels all across this great land of our famous for one day by featuring them in my weekly Saturday Squirrel series.  Word’s getting out among the sciurine community about just how special … Continue reading

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A Kid In A Candy Store

You would never, ever guess from some of the material I post here, but I am very easily amused.  I also have a tendency to act like I’m five years old.  This is the set up for a somewhat lengthy … Continue reading

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