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The 2018 Sandy Awards!

Welcome one and all to the most anticipated awards show on all of WordPress!  It’s time for Evil Squirrel’s Nest’s seventh annual presentation of The Sandy Awards!  The Sandys are a New Years tradition here at The Nest in which … Continue reading

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Donkey Kick

This mostly wordless Saturday Squirrel photo is brought to you by the family of sciuridae, making the world a much more entertaining place for the past million or so years… Have a hee haw great weekend, everyone!

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Reeling In The Years

As you may remember, I celebrated had a birthday on the 13th last week.  I have a sister whose birthday is also on July 13th.  She was born on my fifth birthday.  It is not common at all for non-twin … Continue reading

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Need Input

If you are a regular visitor to my humble blog, you probably know by now that I’m very much a creature of habit.  There are certain days of the week where you just know you’re going to see the same … Continue reading

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The Fourth Annual Contest Of Whatever!

It’s that time of the year when The Nest looks to its readers to supply the fucked up humor by tapping into those creativity reserves we all have somewhere inside our craniums.  Today kicks off everyone’s favorite February tradition, The … Continue reading

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