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The Fifth Annual Contest Of Whatever!

It’s time to get out your thinking caps and dust the cobwebs off your grey matter, because today marks the beginning of the 2018 edition of The Contest of Whatever!  The CoW was first held in 2014, and has been … Continue reading

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The Fourth Annual Contest Of Whatever!

It’s that time of the year when The Nest looks to its readers to supply the fucked up humor by tapping into those creativity reserves we all have somewhere inside our craniums.  Today kicks off everyone’s favorite February tradition, The … Continue reading

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All

BASHFUL: Oh, wow!  I can’t believe I can really play Pokemon NO! with Evil Squirrel’s ancient cellphone!  This is gonna be so much fun!  As long as I don’t accidentally fall off the table or get run over by a … Continue reading

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Like A Surgeon

Many of the games we absolutely loved wiling away boring summers with in our younger days were based on some truly fucked up premises.  Take the world’s two worst navies who haven’t yet heard of radar technology, gouge each admiral’s … Continue reading

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The Great Cornholio

YAY, it’s Photo Prompt Frisbee Wednesday again… sponsored as always by Marilyn over at Serendipity.  I’ll keep it brief this week since I spent the better part of two hours getting my stones checked this morning… Wait, that didn’t come … Continue reading

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