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A Squirrel’s Treat

I remember many years when I set my squirrel o’lanterns out back by the tree after Halloween being disappointed that the squirrels seemed to take no interest in playing around and nibbling on their remains.  After seeing so many videos … Continue reading

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Trick And Treat

It just wouldn’t be Halloween on The Nest without a brand new, freshly carved Squirrel O’Lantern!  This year, the good pumpkins sold out way faster than expected, and by early last week when I normally buy my pumpkin each year, … Continue reading

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Come As You Aren’t

CHIP: How did we get rooked into being the judges for this year’s Shelf costume contest? FUZZYWIG: I don’t know, man.  But at least it means I don’t have to dig through the closet for my Tommy Chong outfit I … Continue reading

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Get A Head

Here’s a scary sciurine monstrosity just in time for the Halloween season.  May I present to you The Headless Squirrel!  He runs about aimlessly through the trees searching for his missing appendage, because he actually DID lose it since it … Continue reading

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Dance Of The Dead

The weather and the leaves may finally be changing… but the content of my blog on Mondays will forever remain the same.  That’s the day The Nest becomes The Music Man… and right now, we’re knee deep in our Top … Continue reading

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