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Get A Head

Here’s a scary sciurine monstrosity just in time for the Halloween season.  May I present to you The Headless Squirrel!  He runs about aimlessly through the trees searching for his missing appendage, because he actually DID lose it since it … Continue reading

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Dance Of The Dead

The weather and the leaves may finally be changing… but the content of my blog on Mondays will forever remain the same.  That’s the day The Nest becomes The Music Man… and right now, we’re knee deep in our Top … Continue reading

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#197 – Death And Marshmallows

Photo taken: October 13, 2017 In just the two decades I have worked in retail, I have witnessed the holiday decorations category explode into previously unchartered territory that just seems to be consumer overkill.  Light strands for Valentines Day?  Yep.  … Continue reading

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Evil Squirrels On Halloween

It’s time for The Nest to unveil this year’s official squirrel o’lantern that will sit on my porch tonight and puzzle the neighbors.  It’s a tradition I have done almost every year since 2009 because I have always enjoyed carving … Continue reading

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Death And Marshmallows

This scene would probably confuse anyone who is oblivious to 80’s pop culture.  Giant inflatable Death as well as a pumpkin decoration?  Well, it must be Halloween!  But what’s up with the Michelin Man in a sailor suit?  Of course, … Continue reading

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