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#197 – Death And Marshmallows

Photo taken: October 13, 2017 In just the two decades I have worked in retail, I have witnessed the holiday decorations category explode into previously unchartered territory that just seems to be consumer overkill.  Light strands for Valentines Day?  Yep.  … Continue reading

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Evil Squirrels On Halloween

It’s time for The Nest to unveil this year’s official squirrel o’lantern that will sit on my porch tonight and puzzle the neighbors.  It’s a tradition I have done almost every year since 2009 because I have always enjoyed carving … Continue reading

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Death And Marshmallows

This scene would probably confuse anyone who is oblivious to 80’s pop culture.  Giant inflatable Death as well as a pumpkin decoration?  Well, it must be Halloween!  But what’s up with the Michelin Man in a sailor suit?  Of course, … Continue reading

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H Is For…

It’s Tuesday again, so that means we’re bringing back everyone’s favorite alphabet game since Hangman became politically incorrect.  So here’s edition number eight of The Nest’s Photography A to Z challenge, and this time we really are going to hell … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Poopers

Every November 1st I throw my Squirrel O’Lantern out under the backyard tree in hopes that I can get some pretty neat pictures of my squirrels crawling through it’s intricately carved designs and stealing the seedy guts I’ve re-inserted for … Continue reading

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