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Characters Welcome

They say this week is holier than a pair of 80’s jeans… and if that’s the case, The Nest is here to properly desecrate it.  Welcome to the next post in my revival of the Prompt the Squirrel series!  I … Continue reading

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Guest Of The Nest

The cursor has once again moved to the middle of your virtual calendar, so it’s time for me to offer you up another Picture Day Wednesday post that’s guaranteed to help put the hump in your day.  And it will … Continue reading

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Who Is That Masked Critter?

While it’s quite obvious that thanks to the emergence of Evil Squirrel as my main character, and with the way everything I created was built around him, squirrels have become my number one species from the animal kingdom.  With the … Continue reading

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I’m way overdue on introducing another one of my characters, and I’ve long promised to give Holly her long-awaited write-up, so I’ll take care of both of those issues today!  Meet Holly, the hip, star-schmoozing, self-proclaimed Valley Skank with a … Continue reading

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Purple Mange

If you have logged on to the internet sometime in the past few days, you may have heard about the guy you see above.  In case you live in a cave that only has access to crappy blogs like this, … Continue reading

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