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#46 – Funny Bunny

Squirrels aren’t the only critters that scamper and traipse through The Nest’s yard.  Other than the occasional wandering dog or cat, we’ve got some bunnies that hippity hop through the neighborhood.  This was particularly true about ten years ago when … Continue reading


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UNCLE SAM: My fellow Amurricans, it’s that time of year where we celebrate our freedom and independence the only way that’s appropriate on the greatest shelf in the world….. by blowing shit up!!!!  Troll!  Let’s get this show started! RAINY: … Continue reading

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Adsurdity II

Not to be confused with Synchronicity II, here’s The Nest’s take on some more of those insane ads that pop up on the bottom of the website I play fantasy baseball on…. They sure are…. their face is going to … Continue reading

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In my most recent Weekend Threesome, I bemoaned the fact that WordPress defiles the wholesome and classy content I post here with ads for Dog only knows what.  We’ve all seen plenty of this intrusive virtual garbage that is designed … Continue reading

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Weekend Threesome – 5/15/22

Three cheers for The Nest’s Sunday time killer known as the Weekend Threesome!  Three oddball bits from the past week I thought you should know about… I enjoyed a nice five day respite from work this week before going back … Continue reading

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