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In my most recent Weekend Threesome, I bemoaned the fact that WordPress defiles the wholesome and classy content I post here with ads for Dog only knows what.  We’ve all seen plenty of this intrusive virtual garbage that is designed … Continue reading

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Weekend Threesome – 5/15/22

Three cheers for The Nest’s Sunday time killer known as the Weekend Threesome!  Three oddball bits from the past week I thought you should know about… I enjoyed a nice five day respite from work this week before going back … Continue reading

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An Eye For An Eye

CHIP: Oh, hey Buster!  How’s life been treating you? BUSTER: Oh, I can’t complain, Chip!  Just living my usual charmed life! CHIP: Wait a minute…. Buster!!! CHIP: Has Evil Squirrel still not fixed your loose eye!?!? BUSTER: Oh, he apparently … Continue reading

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All Time Sandy Awards – The Winners!

The Nest’s tenth anniversary tribute to one of our more hilarious traditions, The Sandy Awards, concludes today as we announce the winners in each category!  And these aren’t just the best search terms in any given year, but the greatest … Continue reading

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All Time Sandy Awards – WTF!?

Like that Academy Awards afterparty at Charlie Sheen’s, The Nest’s tribute to its 10th anniversary on WordPress continues on long past the time most of the guests have either left or passed out over the toilet.  We’re finishing up our … Continue reading

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