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Meet Shadow

It’s time to go to the principal’s office and pull out the permanent record of another one of The Nest’s Friday miscreants, as we get up close and personal with the Shelf critters.  This week we’re going to delve into … Continue reading

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Meet Troll

It’s time to put another of The Nest’s sweatshop actors in the spotlight for our Thursday feature on the Shelf Critters.  This week, we’re going to take a peek underneath the uncombed, unwashed rat’s nest of our beloved Troll.  Don’t … Continue reading


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Meet Rainy

My Thursday meet and greet with the Shelf Critter gang I’m starting the year off with continues this week with the ever pleasant and docile Rainy.  She wants you to know more about her, and you’ll pay attention if you … Continue reading

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Meet Snuggle Bear

One by one I’m giving my (cough, ahem) beloved Shelf critters their day in the sun on Thursdays, so it’s time to offer another one up to be exposed more than should be legally allowed.  It’s early, and I’m still … Continue reading

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On The Darkside

The decade of excess found many ways to frighten its young and old denizens through its extremely popular horror franchises.  Freddy Krueger was the terror of Elm Street with the razor sharp glove and the bad fashion sense.  Jason Vorhees … Continue reading

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