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#43 – Jump Around

I don’t think I live in a particularly remarkable area, but I’ve learned over the years that I never know just what I might see when I take a peek out the window.  A house on fire.  A news crew … Continue reading

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Beauty In Motion

A squirrel in motion tends to remain in motion… though if a photographer is lucky, they can capture the graceful appearance of one in mid-leap, and the result shows the grace these critters possess in their sometimes frantic looking movement.  … Continue reading


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Jump Around

Ever taken a peek out your window before and saw something you completely didn’t expect?  Like, say, a squirrel playing on a trampoline? Well, I did yesterday!  The few pics I was able to get weren’t very good… I barely … Continue reading

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Don’t Try This At Home

If you think those amateurs at the circus who carefully walk the tightrope with that huge balancing pole are amazing… well, squirrels laugh at that kid’s stuff.  Everyone knows that squirrels love to walk and even scurry the “high wires” … Continue reading

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Hey Diddle Diddle

This week’s Saturday squirrel jumped over the bird! And perhaps a subtle reminder to my American readers that this is the weekend we “spring forward” into that flaming hellhole of timefuckery called Daylight Savings Time… Have a great weekend everyone!

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