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Bounce Bounce Bounce

Last week fellow blogger River Girl posted a bunch of 70’s nostalgia that would seem weird to people who were born too late to actually remember them.  One fad she included were Hoppity Hops, basically a giant inflatable ball kids … Continue reading

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Planet Nine From Outer Space

I’ve decided to briefly revive an old feature of mine since I’ve accumulated a handful of photos I’d like to share, but have no other posts to share them in anymore.  That will be the long lost Picture Day, which … Continue reading

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Share Your World – Week 147

This week’s SYW critter honoree is actually honoreeS… and that would be the incorrigibly cute Squirrel Children!  These five little brats are always causing some kind of mischief when they appear in Shelf Critter Theatre… whether it’s breaking precious rain … Continue reading

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Weekend Threesome – 5/2/21

Welcome to the inaugural edition of my new weekly feature that will be posted every Sunday which will serve as a dumping ground for the random stories and observations I used to include prior to each Share Your World post.  … Continue reading

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All In The Family

After three very unfun weeks on the back burner, The Nest is bringing the Randomator back with a vengeance!  Yes, it’s finally time for 2020’s first Wednesday romp into the world of uncertainty we like to call Random Image Inspiration!  … Continue reading

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