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The Mysterious Mr. Sewer Rat

So those of you who meticulously follow my blog, who actually pay some attention to the real and unreal characters that pop up here from time to time, may be familiar with a neighborhood feline wanderer that has become a … Continue reading

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Cat On A Hot Car Roof

I have nothing too special for this week’s installment of Picture Day Wednesday at The Nest, so I figured it’d be a nice time to dump a couple photos I got of my famous neighborhood prowler Pretty Kitty on top … Continue reading

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How Much Is That Kitty In The Window?

It’s time for your weekly Wednesday dose of The Nest’s patented shitty photography with another episode of Picture Day.  Last week I promised you an interesting story, and it starts off with the photo above of my cat Biskit peering … Continue reading

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Out Of The Sewers

Welcome to a short and sweet post-Bashful edition of Picture Day Wednesday!  I dug back into my shitty photography album all the way to this past Spring to find inspiration not only for this week’s PD post, but next week’s … Continue reading

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Barker Beauty

This is the same excitable young squirrel I featured in last Saturday’s post that captured your hearts with its adorable face and fiercely swishing tail.  Before I caught his attention with my photographical intrusion, he was raising all kinds of … Continue reading

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