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Sciurine Wasteland

When my new neighbors moved in two years ago, they seemed to be the kind of neighbors I feared the most….. neat freaks.  They seemed to spend more time in their yard making things look pretty than they did doing … Continue reading

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Pardon Our Dust

So here’s the result I was left with after yesterday’s work on my plumbing nightmare.  I never thought of a wheelbarrow and a jackhammer as trendy kitchen decor before, but then again, home design isn’t my thing.  I tried twice, … Continue reading

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Pardon My Mess

Here’s a picture I took of everyone’s favorite neighborhood roamer Sewie after he followed me in the house one day last week.  He doesn’t stay inside very long… mainly because he seems to prefer the great outdoors, and also because … Continue reading

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Throwing In The Towel

Life’s messy.  And whether those spills occur in the kitchen, the living room or the bedroom, we need something fast and strong to ensure the unwanted residue is gone before it just evaporates away.  One of the best inventions in … Continue reading

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Another Fine Mess

Like some people you may know, squirrels are voracious eaters.  Because they often have their paws stuffed to overflowing with tasty morsels and cram the noms into their mouths faster than they could ever hope to swallow, squirrels are very … Continue reading

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