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Ear Nibbles

No, not the good kind of ear nibbles.  Well…. good if you’re into that kind of thing…. Here’s yet another in a long litany of park squirrels I’ve captured who seems to have fallen victim to the serial ear nibbler! … Continue reading

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An Old Friend?

Squirrels are hard to tell apart.  At least for me they are.  That’s not too surprising since I’m terrible at recognizing people I’ve seen before as well.  But short of some really stand-out identifying mark, like past squirrels Foxy and … Continue reading


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Vincent Van Squirrel

One thing that shows up in a lot of my photos I take of the squirrels at my town’s local park are ear notches.  While a number of my readers often attribute these emo looking body modifications to scraps with … Continue reading

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Reliving The Fun!

Today is the third anniversary of my Evil Squirrel’s Nest blog… Yes, only a total douchebag with no life like me would choose to start up a blog on the evening that Rankin Bass told us was the holiest night … Continue reading

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Lost And Found

Happy Monday to everyone, and welcome to this week’s rockin’ version of Mecca Muzak Monday!  The last few weeks, I’ve featured some acts that didn’t need much of an introduction since they had already achieved some mainstream success.  Well, on … Continue reading

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