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Have A Heart

It’s time to slip you some notes under the desk that the teacher won’t read out loud in front of the class.  We’re giving DJ Scratchy one last spin of the retail turntable to reel off another earworm that has … Continue reading

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Sad Songs Say So Much

The Dusty Vinyl Archive is still off limits while undergoing a massive renovation…. hopefully nobody on the construction crew breaks any of the extremely valuable old disco records.  In the meantime, DJ Scratchy’s going back to the roots of Music … Continue reading

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Yes Can Do

All rise!  This blog is now in session!  I may be getting whisked away to my jury duty sentence today (Edit: Nope, they don’t want me today… but I’m still on call for the rest of the week), but not … Continue reading

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Got Milky?

It’s time to break out your ice buckets and party like it’s Twenty-Fourteen!  In honor of three years of Music Mondays on The Nest, for the month of June we’re flashing back to the series that first put my favorite … Continue reading

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What Day Is It?

It’s time once again for Retro Ad Tuesday Wednesday.  Yeah, I didn’t much feel like posting anything yesterday, so I let my weekly feature you all look so forward to chuckling to go undone.  Then again, now that it’s Wednesday, … Continue reading

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