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Creepy Critter

Have you ever looked too closely at something very common…. a thing or even a word…. and concentrated so hard on it that it made what was once familiar almost unrecognizable?  Stare at a color image printed on paper, and … Continue reading

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#23 – The Big Mouth

I was trying to get a picture of one squirrel in a tree when another little fuzzball shot by my viewfinder with what looked like a tennis ball in his mouth…. Wait, WHAT!?!? I quickly pivoted to getting a photo … Continue reading

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Big Bite

I’ve got an entire lunchroom full of pics of squirrels eating things, quite a few of which have been featured here before.  This photo caught my eye because it stood out as being a rare shot of a squirrel, mouth … Continue reading

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Squirrel Harmonica?

Or maybe just a weird seed pod from one of the park trees…. This week’s Saturday Squirrel may not be able to make beautiful music, but at least he makes for a beautiful photo… Have a great weekend everyone!

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The Mouth

Is there anything cuter than a squirrel carrying something in its mouth? Hey, don’t knock him for being gross!  Squirrels don’t have time to be germophobes like many antibacterial soap using, surgical mask wearing, disinfectant wipe toting humans who are … Continue reading

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