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Rise Up

This week’s novelty song countdown entry is being postponed a day since it is a Monday Muzak repeat… so in its place, The Nest presents this very special edition of its classic Mecca Muzak Monday series.  You remember, the one … Continue reading

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Weather You Like It Or Not

Turn around.  Every now and then we like to play a song for you that is almost as rare to experience these days as a solar eclipse.  Yep, it’s the big day you’ve been waiting your whole life for…. Monday!  … Continue reading

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Sad Songs Say So Much

The Dusty Vinyl Archive is still off limits while undergoing a massive renovation…. hopefully nobody on the construction crew breaks any of the extremely valuable old disco records.  In the meantime, DJ Scratchy’s going back to the roots of Music … Continue reading

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Yes Can Do

All rise!  This blog is now in session!  I may be getting whisked away to my jury duty sentence today (Edit: Nope, they don’t want me today… but I’m still on call for the rest of the week), but not … Continue reading

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Got Milky?

It’s time to break out your ice buckets and party like it’s Twenty-Fourteen!  In honor of three years of Music Mondays on The Nest, for the month of June we’re flashing back to the series that first put my favorite … Continue reading

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