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Don’t I Know You?

In some of the post-early February snowstorm pics I took, I noticed one of the squirrels had a pretty prevalent ear notch.  Had this been at the local park, I’d have thought nothing of it since so many of the … Continue reading

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The Right Light

There’s a reason people can make a career out of being lighting experts.  If you’re in any kind of film industry, whether it’s Hollywood, TV, or even a still photographer… the light projected onto your subject is so important to … Continue reading


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Ear Nibbles

No, not the good kind of ear nibbles.  Well…. good if you’re into that kind of thing…. Here’s yet another in a long litany of park squirrels I’ve captured who seems to have fallen victim to the serial ear nibbler! … Continue reading

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The Butcher Of Wilson Park

I’ve posted several photos before of the local park squirrels sporting rather stylish and definitely unnatural notches cut into their ears.  While squirrels are quite scrappy and will sometimes leave a bit of themselves behind after a fight, the sciurine … Continue reading

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#196 – Emo Squirrel

Photo taken: August 22, 2016 The life of a park squirrel is pretty easy compared to its cousins who are forced to share land with angry homeowners who sometimes own weapons of sciurine destruction.  But there is a small price … Continue reading

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