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#37 – A Slice Of Heaven

Once upon a time, humans lived off the land just like wild animals do.  We ate nuts and berries, and if we were really hungry, we hunted down a woolly mammoth to roast over the fire.  People, even just a … Continue reading

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Hold The Anchovies

Last time I went to the park, I got to watch a squirrel haul a grilled steak up a tree and nibble away at it. To show that our park is truly a smorgasbord for the local squirrels, this time … Continue reading

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Share Your World – Week 64

I have nothing clever or nice to say for an intro as I continue to silently passive-aggressively rage against the unstoppable machine of corona paranoia (coronaoia?  Is four vowels in a row even allowed?), so let’s just get on with … Continue reading

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Share Your World – Week 33

It’s my world, you’re just taking up space in it.  That’s OK, because every Tuesday, I’ll be happy to share it with you.  The Nest does this via the questions Melanie posts each and every Monday morning, just waiting to … Continue reading

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P Is For…

It’s Tuesd………… um, er……. Wednesday, which means The Nest is a day late and yet another dollar short in bringing you your favorite series about the Alphabet outside of a Sue Grafton novel.  The next exciting edition of my Photography … Continue reading

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