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Scratchy Squirrel

The Squirrel O’Lantern has been a Halloween tradition of mine that predates my blog (You can see all nine of my crazy carving designs here), and this year’s presented more challenges than usual.  First off, just the way I procrastinated … Continue reading

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#89 – Pumpkin Tail

Photo taken: November 8, 2013 Well, what do we have here but a pumpkin that’s rocking a squirrel tail on its stem?  What the heck?  I had no idea what was going on here since this was the exact view … Continue reading

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Talk Talk

Squirrels are talkers…. have you noticed?  What exactly the squirrel says is about as mysterious as the infamous fox, but they can definitely bicker and yell with the best of critters.  I can always tell when Sewie’s prowling around my … Continue reading

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Evil Squirrels On Halloween

It’s time for The Nest to unveil this year’s official squirrel o’lantern that will sit on my porch tonight and puzzle the neighbors.  It’s a tradition I have done almost every year since 2009 because I have always enjoyed carving … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Poopers

Every November 1st I throw my Squirrel O’Lantern out under the backyard tree in hopes that I can get some pretty neat pictures of my squirrels crawling through it’s intricately carved designs and stealing the seedy guts I’ve re-inserted for … Continue reading

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