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Well, Shut My Mouth

One of the comments on my “Squirrels of 2013” post on Tuesday from from Noelle, who frequently comments on my squirrel photos.  Here’s what she had to say: “Some of these pictures are priceless! I’d forgotten that squirrels will eat … Continue reading

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Weekend Threesome – 10/24/21

Here’s three nuggets from The Nest that aren’t made up of unidentifiable parts of a chicken, but still contains all of the filler… As someone who majored in meteorology in college, I completely understand that the weather is not as … Continue reading

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Share Your World – Week 95

For this year’s Squirrel O’Lantern, I decided to take my inspiration from the Shelf critter who’d most enjoy the theme of Halloween.  Everyone (and by everyone, I mean Draliman and a few other demented folks) loves Zeeba and her fascination … Continue reading

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A Squirrel’s Treat

I remember many years when I set my squirrel o’lanterns out back by the tree after Halloween being disappointed that the squirrels seemed to take no interest in playing around and nibbling on their remains.  After seeing so many videos … Continue reading

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Trick And Treat

It just wouldn’t be Halloween on The Nest without a brand new, freshly carved Squirrel O’Lantern!  This year, the good pumpkins sold out way faster than expected, and by early last week when I normally buy my pumpkin each year, … Continue reading

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