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First Blood

If you aren’t particularly into The Nest’s zany universe of Shelf Critter Theatre, then this post probably isn’t for you.  Go ahead and read something else if it’s not your thing! As someone with an overactive imagination and rather weird … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name?

Yes, it’s Friday….. not Wednesday.  But I wanted to post something today, so I decided to run the Randomator this morning and play Random Image Inspiration.  With one condition…. since I wanted to do something SCT-related due to it being … Continue reading

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Maxed Out

I have one more set of park squirrel photos from June to feature, but there still may be some Saturday Squirrel worthy pics from that set…. so let’s go back to something that I quietly killed off when I began … Continue reading

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Sign Here Please

Are you ready for one of your favorite regular features that’s guaranteed not to be pre-empted by the impeachment of the century?  It’s time for The Nest’s weekly fishing expedition we like to call Random Image Inspiration!  Let’s let the … Continue reading

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Fuzzy’s Choice

CHIP: Hey Fuzzy.  What are you doing around here on a Monday? FUZZYWIG: I could ask you the same question, Chipster.  Besides, nothing ever gets posted here on Fridays anymore. CHIP: I was wondering why I’ve actually started enjoying TGIF’s.  … Continue reading

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