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Bleacher Creature

This squirrel seems to have one of the best seats in the house to…. whatever event he’s there to watch.  Maybe it’s a baseball game at a stadium where the groundskeeper doesn’t bother to weed out the dandelions.  Or perhaps … Continue reading

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Jenny From The Block

Alright, this squirrel’s name probably isn’t Jenny.  And even worse, a lot of the people reading this won’t even be familiar with the earworm. But that’s OK, I just needed a snappy title for this photo of a squirrel chilling … Continue reading

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Happy Meal

Ah, the simple joys of being a squirrel. Finding a nut. Getting a primo perch to enjoy lunch. Filling your fuzzy little belly full of yummy nourishment. Repeat as necessary. That is one happy Saturday Squirrel. And he wishes everyone … Continue reading

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A Big Showoff

“Hey!  You wanna see me do a trick?” “Look, Ma!  No feet!  Or tail!” These guys, I swear!  They’ll do just about anything to be featured as the Saturday Squirrel… Have a great weekend everyone!

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The Ottoman Emperors

Picture Day…… Wednesday it is, right?  Between the first week of January always being a blur and the fact that I’m not working this week, I’m about as messed up as ever on my days of the week.  If my … Continue reading

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