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Happy Meal

Ah, the simple joys of being a squirrel. Finding a nut. Getting a primo perch to enjoy lunch. Filling your fuzzy little belly full of yummy nourishment. Repeat as necessary. That is one happy Saturday Squirrel. And he wishes everyone … Continue reading

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A Big Showoff

“Hey!  You wanna see me do a trick?” “Look, Ma!  No feet!  Or tail!” These guys, I swear!  They’ll do just about anything to be featured as the Saturday Squirrel… Have a great weekend everyone!

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The Ottoman Emperors

Picture Day…… Wednesday it is, right?  Between the first week of January always being a blur and the fact that I’m not working this week, I’m about as messed up as ever on my days of the week.  If my … Continue reading

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You Make The Call

Many of the photos in my lost archives I’ve been digging through the last week or so are squirrel pictures.  The overwhelming majority of these pics were not worthy enough for Saturday Squirrel fame…. but there were a few overlooked … Continue reading

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Tree Hugger

For about the first half hour of my most recent visit to the local park four weeks ago, it seemed like the day was going to be a dud.  I didn’t encounter many squirrels, and the few I did cross … Continue reading

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