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Freeze Frame

It’s WAY TOO COLD to be trying to get any squirrel pics in our latest Arctic blast that swept through Thursday.  While it only left behind a little snow, it brought temperatures down below zero (F!) and with dangerous wind … Continue reading

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This week’s Saturday Squirrel looks like he’s practicing for the Iditarod.  Look at him sprint so easily across the snowy tundra of my backyard!  Get that squirrel some booties and a handful of Scooby Snacks! Well, from my squirrel photo … Continue reading


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Don’t I Know You?

In some of the post-early February snowstorm pics I took, I noticed one of the squirrels had a pretty prevalent ear notch.  Had this been at the local park, I’d have thought nothing of it since so many of the … Continue reading

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Cute And Fuzzy

Is there anything more adorable than a fluffy, furry winter Saturday Squirrel eating in the snow? Of course there isn’t. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Weekend Threesome – 2/6/22

The Weekend Threesome returns from a brief layoff and is dominated by the Great Snowstorm of 2/2/22!  Which wasn’t really that bad, but never let the truth stand in the way of a great story! Forty years ago last weekend, … Continue reading

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