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Classy Sassy And Trashy

SCRATCHY: So how is this stupid countdown you’re disturbing my groove with going to work, el jefe? EVIL SQUIRREL: I’ve compiled all of the songs the chosen critters requested and put them on that list over there… SCRATCHY: Isn’t that … Continue reading

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The Other Piano Man

Are you ready to go dumpster diving into the 100% biodegradable world of digital memories that exists in the vastness of the internet?  Then let’s get started with this Earth Day edition of Random Image Inspiration!  Hopefully the Randomator doesn’t … Continue reading

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Health Food Sucks

They say that a nutritious breakfast is the best way to start the day.  Well, we here at The Nest believe that a harmonious earworm is the healthiest way to start your week.  Monday means that it’s time to tune … Continue reading

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Dude Sounds Like A Lady

If you love songs that are just as fucked up as The Nest is… well, then you’re probably happy that it’s Monday!  That means it’s time to press play on another musical curiosity in our Top 30 Novelty Songs of … Continue reading

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Big Spenders

The Nest has long endeavored to make Mondays great again by providing you with only the finest earworms… may they be from Mecca, the archive of my brain, or one of these silly countdowns I’ve created.  It’s time for us … Continue reading

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