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#72 – A Little Help Please?

Photo taken: May 18, 2015 Squirrels love to make their homes in the hollow parts of trees.  They’re so much warmer and cozier and easier to maintain than a standard nest on a limb.  Sometimes, those holes aren’t quite as … Continue reading

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Squirrel In A Bottle

My secret squirrel agent north of the border (Codename: Saucy) has once again come through with another fascinating tale of Canadian sciurines making the news for something other than making the honor roll.  This tale of terror for one unlucky … Continue reading

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Air Ball

Welcome to another titillating episode of Evil Squirrel’s Nest’s Picture Day, where we strive to make your hump day just a little more photogenic in a way only our patented shitty photography can accomplish.  I finally got my digital bounty … Continue reading

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A Tight Squeeze

I’ve talked before about how squirrels build nests in trees to help make their own little piece of arboreal paradise feel like a home.  These nests are often located in the forks of tree branches where there is some support … Continue reading

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Orrico Flow

It’s Monday, Monday, Monday!  That can only mean it’s time for DJ Scratchy to show us where it’s at and break out her two turntables and a microphone for this week’s platinum platter on Mecca Muzak Monday!  Watch out for … Continue reading

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