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Sweet Music

A lot has changed in the last seven months since I launched this fourth countdown series on my blog.  The autumn leaves have made way for Spring buds.  My kitchen got a brand new trench dug in the middle of … Continue reading

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To The Squirrel I Love

To my beloved Agnes, I still remember every little detail about the instant in time when I first glanced upon your sciurine splendor.  You didn’t see me above you, my dear, but there was no way I could miss the … Continue reading

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Bling’s The Thing!

A couple weeks ago, I finally decided to try out some of my designs on the selection of jewelry offered by CafePress.  The result was a brand new section in my Evil Squirrel’s Nest store I called Personality Bling, which … Continue reading

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Angel Squirrel stands out like Angela Lansbury at Da Club in the ES universe.  Sweet, innocent, naive, and pure as the unyellowed snow, she is quite different from most of the rest of my characters.  How she can constantly thwart … Continue reading

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