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#50 – Three For The Road

When I first began photographing the squirrels in my neighborhood ten years ago, the subjects were plentiful.  If the weather was nice, it wasn’t uncommon to see a whole handful of squirrels up and about.  And if the conditions were … Continue reading

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Don’t Try This At Home

If you think those amateurs at the circus who carefully walk the tightrope with that huge balancing pole are amazing… well, squirrels laugh at that kid’s stuff.  Everyone knows that squirrels love to walk and even scurry the “high wires” … Continue reading


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Lightpole Sitta

Nature made trees for squirrels to use as both a home and a playground.  But we humans have given them something far more dangerous that they seem to enjoy even more…. our electrical infrastructure.  Tall wooden poles connected with narrow … Continue reading

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Emergency Broadcast System

In nature’s circle of life, squirrels take up a spot firmly in the prey category of animal species.  Because so many other critters are out to make a meal out of their acorn-fed flesh, the normally antisocial squirrels have to … Continue reading

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Meh Squirrel

Never let it be said that squirrels aren’t emotional critters.  In the past, you’ve seen photos I’ve taken of squirrels who look happy, angry, excited, sleepy, annoyed, worried, surprised, curious, guilty, cunning and even downright evil. But not this week’s … Continue reading

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