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The X Files

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here!  It’s time to announce the winners of the 2021 Contest of Whatever!  X is about to become the favorite letter of the alphabet for at least two people in this … Continue reading

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The X Judges

FUZZYWIG: It’s time for us to put on our robes and… SNUGGLE: Dude, is this gonna be a toga party? MITZI: OMG!  If Mitzi would have known that, I would have totally worn my Barbie pink toga pants that show … Continue reading

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The Slow Lanes

TROLL: Welcome to Shelf Critter Lanes, ma’am! SPARKLEPONY: Do you have…. TROLL: Ten pound balls?  Yes, ma’am, I get that all the time.  Very original… SPARKLEPONY: I was going to ask if you had size 7 bowling shoes! TROLL: Oh…. … Continue reading

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X Is For…

The alphabet isn’t all fun and games, and whatever sadistic ancient asshole put it together definitely added a few unnecessary letters that no civilized person would ever use.  We’re about to learn that hard lesson in this week’s edition of … Continue reading

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