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Sciurine Wasteland

When my new neighbors moved in two years ago, they seemed to be the kind of neighbors I feared the most….. neat freaks.  They seemed to spend more time in their yard making things look pretty than they did doing … Continue reading

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Don’t Fence Me In

They say good fences make good neighbors…. but don’t tell that to the wildlife that co-habitates on your grounds.  What’s a critter gotta do to not feel like they’re in jail around here?  No doubt, this guy’s coveting all those … Continue reading


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Fake Flowers

I have been working in retail for 21 years now, and have seen quite a few products blossom from an unpopular, weird niche item into customer must-haves that there are now entire sections of the counter dedicated to.  Puppy pads.  … Continue reading

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#141 – Heehaw! Heehaw!

Photo taken: September 16, 2017 Nothing compels us to whip out our picture taking machines quite like oddballs.  So when I came home from work one morning and there was a cute, but definitely odd little donkey lawn ornament sitting … Continue reading

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Lawn Donkey

This is what you photo challenge peeps like to call an oddball…. A couple weeks ago, I came home from work on a weekend morning (either Saturday or Sunday), and noticed something weird in the yard two houses down from … Continue reading

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