The Top 30 Shelf Critter Request Songs


Every Monday from August 2021 until February 2022, I’m featuring more songs that don’t really fit into one of my existing Monday Muzak features… only this time, with the help of my Shelf critters picking the songs!  OK, they can’t actually pick songs on their own, so I picked songs for them revolving some way around their unique personalities.  I then took those songs and ranked them by personal preference, where they will be counted down one week at a time in the Top 30 Shelf Critter Request Countdown!

These are all songs I have at least somewhat of a taste for, and none of them have ever been featured in a past Monday Muzak post.  Watch for your favorite critters to see if their musical tastes match yours, and enjoy the artwork I’ve created as each critter’s title card!  You can click on the images below to be taken to the post for that featured song…

sparklepony redneck woman

snuggle candy man

sage rescue me

mary angel eyes

fleabag proud to beg

zeeba psycho killer

sponkies down under

ninja cuts like a knife

chip hip to be square

troll get a job

rd rainbow in the dark

mitzi have some fun

santa give it away

ricky spirit in the sky

caper shes not there

buster king of pain

tina me too

sqchildren kids in america

big scrat baby got back

shadow you can do magic

scratchy connected

es karn evil 9

hung lo bangkok

rainy it never rains

brother bear paralyzer

slider der kommissar

mr fox we dont talk

uncle sam living in america

fuzzywig nono song

val bitch is back