Not quite good enough to be called Spam…

WordPress filters many of the hundreds of spam comments we get each week into a hidden folder via a program called Akismet.  While nobody actually wants those comments to appear on their posts with all of their obscene content and malicious links, they can still stimulate the joy receptors in our brain that finds random and nonsensical grammar to be funny.  Who comes up with this stuff, and how do they think it’s actually going to generate the attention they so desperately seek?

Because these mass-produced blog comments are inferior in almost every way to actual email spam, I decided to name them after Spam’s lesser known competitor in the canned meat department, Treet.  Every once in a while I hold my nose and dive into the cesspool of Treet my blog receives to air out and mock some of the best of the worst.  Below you’ll find links to every collection of Treet I’ve posted on The Nest.

Enjoy!  And don’t forget to put some foil back on the lid when you’re done.  This stuff never goes bad….

A Special Treet (11/12/12) – Ferrari imprinted headphones anyone?  This post has 100% bioavailability.

Tasty Treet (9/7/14) – The end of the world?  Senile freckles?  Psychological oxygen?  This is definitely my most excellent contents.

It’s My Treet (8/18/15) – White armpit cream and faxless cash loans.  This content has to be plagorized.

Treet Yourself! (8/30/17) – Reading this will make you silent susceptible to wearing feather boas and having your fascist blog threatened by Antifa.

A Gob Of Treet (1/24/19) – Plenty of stuffs from two thoroughly insane Treets from “Gob.”

New Years Treet (1/5/21) – If you enjoy asthma and love playing Noble Thieving Motorcar 5, you’ll find this post to be rattling excellent.

Treet Time (5/10/23) – Half-baked bargains and after hours alochol delivery!  Beware, there are septic tanks near you.