Nobody’s Prefect!


Yesterday when I posted my Abstract Squirrel, I took a dig at myself and put the word “art” in quotes.  Fellow artist Livy was quick to point out that was a terrible thing for me to do, because art isn’t defined by its quality or perception, nor is an artist defined by their talent level or expertise.  I’m far from the best artist in the world, but I’ve found a niche I am good at, that really compliments my sense of humor, and that people seem to like.  But most importantly, I am proud of even my awfullest drawings, and they aren’t any less fun to create than the works I am most happy to show off…

But I still like to stay grounded, and I honestly believe that while it’s great to have a sense of high self esteem, you also need to be willing to accept and make fun of your faults.  Besides more advanced artistic skill, I also make a lot of more obvious mistakes in my artwork… and I thought I’d dedicate this post to the blunders I make that seem to pop up somewhere in about half of my pictures…



Let’s start with one of the little images I post here quite often… my tribute to last year’s superstorm, Hurricane Sandy….


You can’t get enough of my awe-inspiring power and good looks!

This is honestly one of my favorite images I have ever drawn.  It’s very detailed with quite a few more advanced effects, and it just looks awesome!  But did you notice the one goof up I made in it?  It’s a common mistake that can be found in probably 10% of all of these little avatars I have posted here…

Look at the spot between Sandy’s left acorn earring and her hair.  I forgot to color it in!  It should be dark grey, like the rest of the interior portion of her tail, but I overlooked it in the coloring process!  Sure I could easily fix it, but after all this time, why bother?

Here’s another variation of this mistake in this avatar of Kiki in the Jazzy:

Never insult the elderly

What do you mean I’m drawn poorly, you mangy rodent!!!

The mistake in this image can be found in Kiki’s left hand.  Her thumb is wrapped in front of the cane, but I forgot to erase the lines inside the thumb where I drew the cane before I drew the hand!  Take out those 4 or 5 black pixels, and this is a flawless picture.

Here’s an avatar that has an example of both problems I just showcased:

rainbow donkey rides again

If it weren’t so awful, we wouldn’t have Rainbow Donkey today!

Rainbow Donkey’s debut appearance in my art is a frighteningly bad drawing not only because of RD’s laughable appearance, but because I must have been in a huge hurry to finish it given the number of physical errors I made in it.  I forgot to color ES’s tail’s interior dark grey, and I also forgot to erase the part of Hooly’s back where ES’s paw is cradled around her… which gave him a white paw!  I really need to take my time with this stuff…

There’s another issue that plagues me in my pursuit of flawless artwork which I refer to as “artistic dyslexia”.  I’m prone to dyslexic tendencies as it is, but when it interferes with my art, the results can be maddening.  I often don’t realize I drew something backwards until I’ve finished and shown it off…

Here’s an example here:

Cheese and say, "Smile!"

Cheese and say, “Smile!”

Anything weird strike you about this image?  Something funky seems to be going on with MBRS’s left paw as it readys to push the button on the camera.  The only way either of her paws could look like that is if you were viewing them from behind.  From the front, her fingers will always be draped around the button from the front and wrapping around to the back.  I have it completely backwards!

I often try to imitate the poses and body language of my characters as I plan to draw them so that I can get a mental picture of what it should look like.  Unfortunately, I often end up committing to memory the perspective that I have from my eyes rather than the perspective the viewer would see looking at the artwork.  Hold your left hand out like you were grabbing onto a button attached to a wire like MBRS is above, and what do you see?  It’s a horizontally flipped version of what I drew in the avatar… I just forgot to rotate it 180 degrees along the Z axis as well….

doctor sprots

This is getting entirely too technical for me…

My last two comics I’ve posted here have put my artistic dyslexia to the test, and I’ve failed miserably both times.

Here is the comic from April 11th.  In order for the dialogue to end up in the correct order in Panel 6, I wanted to make sure ES was on the left and MBRS on the right.  With this in mind, I proceeded to draw the other panels where we see the action from the perspective of behind the couch… and guess what I wound up drawing?  Yes, in all three pictures where we can only see MBRS, I drew her facing to the left.  I had to cut the panels up and individually flip each one horizontally, then paste them back in to correct this, and it shows in the jaggedness of the lines.  It didn’t occur to me that I should have flipped the third panel as well, since the shadow being projected on the wall is still backwards and impossible…

Despite the mental tangle that left my mind, I went ahead and challenged myself further the following week… drawing a scene that appeared in three different perspectives throughout the comic!  In this comic, we see Odyssey and Hooly seated from the rear, side, front, rear, front and front respectively.  From the rear (looking in the window), Hooly appears on the left and Odyssey on the right.  From the front, it would be reversed, with Odyssey on the left and Hooly on the right.  I managed to achieve this, but only with another panel flip (#4, where I forgot I changed perspective from back to the window).  That still didn’t solve the issue with Panel 2, which was the side view.  Going by the frame of reference, with the window on the left side of the panel, Odyssey should be the one with her back to us.  I conceded defeat here since I needed Odyssey to stay facing the viewer and just left this mistake in the finished product…

This has to be the Skunkbitch's fault!!!

This has to be the Skunkbitch’s fault!!!

So along with all of the typos I make in these posts, you can rest assured I make plenty of artistic mistakes as well.  Of course, it’s almost part of the fun to catch them in the aftermath.  Maybe I should award prizes to those who are the first to point out any artistic errors I make.  You’ll love the pretty packages I send your prizes in….

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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8 Responses to Nobody’s Prefect!

  1. PigLove says:

    I think you’re wonderful and I do consider you an artist! Hey… about putting me in a squirrely cartoon – snort PLOL (Pig Laughing out Loud). XOXO – Bacon

  2. fransiweinstein says:

    If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would never have known. Maybe you could blame it on auto correct. The graphic version.

  3. HaHa. I have ATTD and I never noticed Sandy’s flaw. Have you heard of the fourth Duck nephew Phooey? He is named because Carl Barks sometimes drew an extra shadow or hat or something when he was drawing the three Duck brothers. If you make mistakes you are in good company!

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