Saturday Squirrel

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Every Saturday since September 2012, The Nest features the best of our signature critter.  Each weekly Saturday Squirrel post usually features one of the many squirrel photos I have taken over the past couple years, with a small write up inspired by the picture.  Saturday Squirrel posts can be entertaining, educational, philosophical, relevant, just plain awesome, or any combination of the above!  They may make you laugh, make you think, make you go “awwwww!”, but first and foremost, I hope each Saturday post will make you smile!  It’s a wonderful way to start off your weekend!


YAY for squirrels!

I also welcome and encourage my readers to send in any squirrel photo they think is worth a Saturday Squirrel nod.  Followers of The Nest who have submitted pictures that have been featured in past Saturday Squirrel posts include:

Merbear (first entry, second entry)

Atlanta Mom of Three

Squirrel Picnic

The Vampire Maman

Mental Mama

Jessie from my message board (first entry, second entry)

Jenn’s Midlife Crisis


Nerd In The Brain

Nancy from my message board

You too can have your little furry pal you captured featured in a Saturday Squirrel post by sending the photo(s), along with a little background info on the photo, to my email address found in my Contact page.  Credit will most certainly be given for your photos, and if you have a blog, I will absolutely give you a link in the post!

Click here to view all of my past Saturday Squirrel posts!


2 Responses to Saturday Squirrel

  1. Want some Canadian squirrels? I posted one on my blog last week – he was distracted by food and not paying attention, for once! 🙂

    • If you’ve got a good squirrel picture you haven’t featured yet that you’d like to see on Saturday Squirrel, send it to my email along with a little background info behind the photo for me to work off of. All of my non-professional SS squirrel pictures have been from within the US, so a Canadian squirrel would be excellent, especially if it’s one of those cute ebony squirrels!

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