The Contest Of Whatever

Must come up with something groovy, man...

Must come up with something groovy, man…

After a wild few months in which I won or was gifted an embarrassing amount of cool things from my fellow bloggers, I decided in February 2014 to give back and created The Contest of Whatever.  Anyone with a blog could play along, and all that was required was to come up with something creative that could be shown off in a blog post that followed the minimal set of conditions I set for the competition.  I would choose one winner on merit and another from a random drawing who would each get to pick an item from my Cafepress shop valued at $20 USD or less.

The Contest judges are drunk, and ready to carefully consider your entries!

The CoW has become an annual tradition at The Nest every February, and what follows is a summary of the first eight contests:


Theme: Must contain a squirrel, a possum and a unicorn

The Field (13 entries)

Winner: YoungAtFifty, for her crocheted Buster that turns inside out into Evil Squirrel and accompanying Rainbow Donkey head.

buster es rd

Random Winner: Goldfish



contest badge winnercontest badge


Theme: Must contain at least two animal characters participating in some form of a game or competition.

The Field (9 entries)

Winner: Draliman, for his ill-fated Possum Olympics


Random Winner: Merby

(There used to be an image of animals playing poker here, but it seems to have disappeared….)




Theme: Must include Buster and he must die!

The Field (8 entries, Jenn’s late entry can be found in the “Winner” link)

Winner: Gentlestitches, for her cute ami play featuring Buster, Rainbow Donkey, Hottie and MBRS

gs entry

Random Winner: Jade Phillips

jade buster




Theme: Anthropomorphize objects around the house and tell a story a la Shelf Critter Theatre

The Field (9 entries)

Winner: Juliette, for her party attended by Vlad and Randolfo.

Random Winner: Jenn’s Midlife Crisis



Theme: Create something that ties in at least one element from each of the following three randomly selected images:

The Field (8 entries)

Winner: Trisha, for her story of evil Luigi torturing his captive brother Mario

Random Winner: Pam Kimmell (Onespoiledcat)



Theme: “A squirrel walks into a bar…”

The Field (11 entries)

Winner: Melanie, for Squirrellena introducing us to a bunch of her weird friends.

Random Winner: Juliette



Theme: Murphy’s Law

The Field (9 entries)

Winner: Mandy, for Murphy’s Paw, which led to The Shittening

Random Winner: Pam



Theme: X

The Field (8 entries)

Winner: Merby for her poem on Generation X

Random Winner: Phenny


Coming in February 2022…. The Ninth Annual Contest of Whatever!