2014 Holiday Cards!

buster possum mail

Special delivery!

This is the header page I am dedicating to my “contest” where I am giving away 20 hand-drawn and colored works of art on the backs of index cards to twenty lucky bloggers.  I will use this page to list the participants, as well as the twenty characters from The Nest whose drawings were randomly inserted into the cards I sent out.  This page will also be updated as each blogger receives and posts their very own work of squirrely art… allowing participants or even casual fans to see who went where, and which critters are still up for grabs!

If you are a participant, when you post the drawing you receive on your blog, please link back to this post/page to make it easy for me to keep tabs on things!

The 20 participating bloggers!

Merby got Erin!

Easy Rider got Robbie!

Juliette got Pigladillo!

Marilyn got Lil!

Sheena got Clem!

Jennifer Olivarez got Evil Squirrel!

Draliman got Odyssey!

Mental Mama got Sandy!

Bacon got Hooly!

Green Boots Jenn got Angel!

Gentlestitches got Sulphur!

Rose got Blaze!

Goldfish got Nabob!

Fanny got MBRS!

TC Conner got Hottie!

JackieP got Skanki!

Tishmoon got Buster!

Running Heartless got Rainbow Donkey!

YoungAtFifty got Kati!

Nerdinthebrain got Wiki!


The characters that were given away:

The ringleader of my gang, Evil Squirrel:


His fiery female counterpart, MBRS:

mbrs squaw

The sweet, innocent Angel:

snow angel (2)

My original squirrel girl, Sandy:


The mischievous, squishable possum, Buster:

Stop, you thieving possum!

The perkified skunkette, Hooly:

hooly witch (2)

The kitty for all lost causes, Odyssey:


The wild child borzoi, Skanki:

forget you

The female half of the squirrel pup twins, Blaze:


Her brother, Sulphur:

sully cute

The delightful skunk, Hottie:

bad hair day!

Her high energy niece, Kati:


The equally rambunctious kitten, Erin:


Mecca’s little sparkplug Hedgehog, Lil:

baseball lil

The curmudgeonly porcupine, Nabob:


Everyone’s favorite donkicorn, Rainbow Donkey:


The Nest’s resident studmuffin kangaroo, Clem:


ES’s awkward raccoon understudy, Robbie:


The adorable Pigladillo:


And everyone’s favorite hyena from Dinkum Island, Wiki:

spinning wiki

Good luck to everyone in getting the one you most wish for!

The special First Loser card I made for Mark Bialczak, paying homage my favorite blogger comment from My Millionaire Journey!


41 Responses to 2014 Holiday Cards!

  1. fanrosa says:

    Yay, mine arrived!! I’ll see if my Queen will deign to pose tomorrow when there’s some light in here.

    In the meantime, I won’t spoil the surprise but I will happily say that I didn’t get the joker of the deck…..

  2. Oh my goodness I couldn’t be more pleased with my beautiful illustration! I love it. Perfect! I mean, it couldn’t be more perfect. I’ll put together my post this weekend with links right back to HERE.

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  5. tishmoon says:

    Aww… just checked my mailbox and found the most amazing, squirrely design… ! What a fantastic card, thanks so much, ES ! =)

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  7. fanrosa says:

    And the suspense builds as none of my top three favorites has been claimed! I’m certain you know my #1, you oughta know my second, but I bet you wouldn’t get my third unless I gave you several whacks at it…..

    • Hmmmm… I don’t think I included Alanis or Lizzie in my card set, so I’d never guess your second or third choices….

      I’m sure Lil & RD are one-two. I know you always had a fondness for The Original… but I suspect your comment means I might need 100 guesses to figure out #3…

      • fanrosa says:

        Dude, how could you forget about my girl Angel?? You now how much she likes going to the movies…. (Just kidding, Angel!)

        My #3 is Wiki. I’ve really grown fond of the little guy. Of course, these are my top three of the 20 available….

      • Ah yes… I should never underestimate the power of Lakers colors!

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  13. fanrosa says:

    Amazing! Only 8 to go and not only are my top three still in play, but so is the Ace and the King. I’m shivering with antici

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  17. Another day and still no card 😭
    On the plus side, the longer it takes the better my chances of getting Rainbow Donkey…

  18. gentlestitches says:

    Whoo Hoo! I got MINE! I will be posting in the next few hours so STAY TUNED! 😀

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  21. fanrosa says:

    This is kind of cool (easy for me to say, since I’m not the one still waiting). The card that everybody wanted, nobody got! Sort of a metaphor for life, isn’t it? The fact that you didn’t take a picture of it adds a hint of mystery that makes it perfect,

    Someday, 1 or 4 or 33 years hence, someone at some out of the way post office will find a 3×5 index card stuck between the sorter rails and the Pepsi machine. They’ll turn it over, see a cartoon titled “Rainbow Donkey” and won’t they just wonder….

    • And it will fetch several million dollars as an original ES drawing of the now famous Rainbow Donkey….

      I’ll gladly take the card over the mystery… that was the card I spent the most time on making look awesome! I’m still hoping it will show up on one of our ends…

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