The Sandy Awards

sandy award presentation

On January 1st every year, The Nest looks back on all of the hilarious, bizarre, and just plain fucked up search terms that brought internet users to my humble blog.  Admit it, they are the most entertaining part of your Stats page!  The very worst best of these search strings get to be featured at our annual Sandy Awards, which were named after my original grey squirrel girl character who just happens to share a name with a more popular cartoon rodent.  Thanks to Sandy, a lot of wholesome peeps searching out Spongebob porn wound up sidetracked to The Nest back in our early days, thus why these prestigious awards bear her name.

The Sandys are one of our most anticipated events of the year on Evil Squirrel’s Nest!  Indulge in these past posts of search term greatness while you patiently wait for next year’s Sandy Award extravaganza to come around!

The 2012 Sandy Awards

The 2013 Sandy Awards

The 2014 Sandy Awards

The 2015 Sandy Awards

The 2016 Sandy Awards

The 2017 Sandy Awards

The 2018 Sandy Awards

The 2019 Sandy Awards

The 2020 Sandy Awards

A winner is YOU!

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