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Almost every Tuesday since April 2013, The Nest has put the spotlight on some of my favorite forgotten TV ads of yesteryear.  We have come not just to praise these ads, but also to mercilessly mock them.  Using my signature style of twisted humor and sarcasm, I take a rather unconventional look at some of these commercials that didn’t seem so odd at the time… but often can only be seen as totally fucked up these days.  Most of the featured spots are from the 1980’s and 1990’s, though an occasional ad from the new millennium will get the honor of a Nest roasting.

I'm looking at YOU, douchepitcher!

I’m looking at YOU, douchepitcher!

Starting in August of 2015, I have (at least temporarily) moved my Retro TV Ad feature to Fridays in order to move it to a day where I have more time to work on them.

To see all of my previously posted Retro TV Ad Tuesday/Friday posts, click here!

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